Home Care FAQs

We've brought together a team of educators and home care experts to answer the burning questions that you and every home care owner will ask at some point.

Am I at risk of HIPAA fines if I use texting to communicate with caregivers?
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Connor Kunz

VP @Careswitch, former head of education @ Home Care Pulse, scaled a service business 7 figures in 3 years

Legal Care Operations
How can I make sure my home care agency's training is meeting state compliance requirements?
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Becki Harrington-Davis

Senior Content Marketing Manager at CareAcademy

Legal Finances
Can I pay my caregivers as 1099 contractors or do they need to be W-2 employees?
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Ilya Vakhutinsky

Careswitch CEO, home health aide's son, Forbes 30 Under 30, caregiver advocate

How can I avoid payroll-related lawsuits and make sure my home care agency is on the up-and-up?
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Sabrina Sattler

Account Executive at Careswitch, home care agency advisor specializing in startup success and longevity

Should I apply for Employee Retention Credits and how do I know if my home care agency qualifies?
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Angelo Spinola

Home health, home care and hospice chair at Polsinelli